Des Moines Public Safety Officer 911

Administrative Services Division

Des Moines Botanical CenterThe Administrative Services Division, through the efforts of its 87 sworn officers and civilian employees, provides a variety of support-related services to the departments' various field operations. Our most critical operations include an around the clock emergency dispatch center. Other operations include a property management section,  and a community and media relations section. A brief summary of each operation is provided below. You can also find out more about each of these sections by visiting our website at the City of Des Moines.

Support Services Section

The Support Services Section runs the Communications Unit and a records management and storage system. The Communications Unit is an emergency dispatch center which is the backbone of the "911" system. It is a major interface between the citizens and the delivery of emergency services.

Property Management Section

The Property Management Section is responsible for the procurement, inventory, and disposition of all property under the control of the Police Department. Whether evidence, contraband, or personal gear issued to Officers, it is controlled and accounted for by this Section.

Community and Media Relations Section

The Community and Media Relations Section works directly with civic organizations and the media to provide information and education services to the public. One well known service provided by this section is the "Metro's Most Wanted" program.

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